Chesapeake Beach Oyster Cultivation Society (CBOCS)

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In 2011, the Town of Chesapeake Beach partnered with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO) program to provide a fun and collaborative opportunity for the citizens and businesses of Chesapeake Beach to help improve local water quality and their knowledge of the Bay ecosystem, while assisting with national, state and private efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay through oyster cultivation and oyster reef restoration. 

Following proven models developed by the Southern Maryland Oyster Cultivation Society (SMOCS), MGO and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Chesapeake Beach Oyster Cultivation Society (CBOCS) relies on citizen volunteers to grow oysters in cages from their piers and the town’s Railway Trail Boardwalk along Fishing Creek.  The cages protect the vulnerable baby oysters (spat) from larger predators until their shells have grown thick enough to keep them safe.  After growing for 9-10 months in the cages, the yearling oysters are released, or planted, on local reefs in designated oyster sanctuaries where they will continue to grow, reproduce and help sustain wild oyster populations and help return balance to the Bay’s ecosystem.