Bayfront Park (aka Brownie's Beach) CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC

Closed by Resolution of the Town violators WARNED of TRESPASS and FINE

Closed Sign

This park is closed, by resolution R-21-5 of the Town Council, to ALL Non-Town Residents until further notice. The Town does not expect this park to re-open to the general public during the 2022 season. Resident verification required. 

Do not violate this closure or you will be liable for Trespassing and a municipal infraction/fine: Deputies and staff are on site to patrol the beach ensuring the closure orders are adhered. Guests found to be on site will be required to provide a government issued photo ID confirming their resident status. 

Town residents are reminded of the following WARNINGS and RULES: 

WARNING: There is no lifeguard on duty at the beach, so residents are notified that they are swimming at your own risk. There is a risk of landslide or cliff deteriorating from the cliffs abutting portions of the Beach, particularly during or after heavy or prolonged periods of rain or snow. Beach guests should stay away from the cliffs and assume the risk of injury.

Actions NOT permitted at Bayfront Park:

  • Only Town of Chesapeake Beach Residents and their guests are permitted to access the beach until further notice.
  • The cliff area is closed to ALL and is marked as restricted. Violations of this restriction is unlawful and subject to a municipal infraction and is subject to a $125 fine. 
  • Fishing or crabbing 
  • Rollerblades, skateboards or Motorized vehicles
  • Smoking or vaping not permitted per Town Ordinance
  • Drugs, alcohol, glass containers or fires / grills
  • Camping
  • Bicycles
  • Littering
  • Pets not leashed and within the control of an adult who can maintain control of the animal
  • Parking in restricted areas. Parking is strictly enforced by law enforcement.