Registration Information

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In accordance with, Section C-606. Registration. No person shall be entitled to vote in town elections unless he or she is registered as a Chesapeake Beach voter. Application for registration shall be available through the Maryland universal registration system or through direct application to the Town. It shall be the duty of the board of elections to keep the Town registration list up to date by striking from the lists the names of persons known to have died or who otherwise no longer meet the qualifications to vote. The council is hereby authorized to adopt, by ordinance, any provisions necessary to establish and maintain a system of Town registration. (Res., March, 1963, sec. 28; minutes of Commissioners' meeting of August 31, 1963; Res. January 26, 1968; P.L.L. 1963, sec. 32; Res. R-07-8, 5-4-2007; Res. CAR-16-2, 8-5-2016.)