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Requesting a permit within the Town of Chesapeake requires Town approval and Calvert County Government approval, depending on the type of work being completing. Calvert County government provides final approval of Building Permits, electrical, grading, and Use & Occupancy permits after the Town of Chesapeake Beach has approved the work. 

Seeking to remove a tree from your property? Check with Town Hall to see if your tree removal requires a permit. Residents are reminded of the importance of hiring licensed tree experts, learn more here

Permits, Applications:


Development Plan Submittal Process


Plans that require Planning & Zoning Commission review and approval must follow the below process:

Complete Development Plan submittal packages for the Planning Commission must be received in the Town Hall by the 2nd Monday of the month in order to be placed on the subsequent months Planning & Zoning Commission meeting agenda. Since the Planning & Zoning Commission meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month, this will provide 6 weeks of review and preparation for the needed review of the submittal. 

The breakdown of review; includes, during the first 3 weeks staff will develop a staff report for the project report and provide proper notification to neighboring property owners—which involves agency and other staff coordination (this includes, but is not limited to Critical Area Commission, Town Engineer, Department of Public Works, etc.)  

The final 3 weeks will be allocated for the Planning Commission to have and read the staff report(s) and prepare questions for the applicant.

Important — if the site plan submittal is incomplete or does not address staff or agency issues, the submission will not be accepted and will be sent back to the applicant and incomplete.

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