Councilman Derek Favret

Councilman Favret smiling

I am truly honored to have earned your support to represent our community as a member of the Town Council. I feel it is critically important that we have a group of elected officials who collaborate to not only preserve, but enhance our quality of life in Chesapeake Beach. As we begin our 4-year journey, I have the upmost confidence that the Mayor and Council you elected will be able to effectively communicate and work through any differences to move our Town forward. Undoubtedly, we will not be able to please everyone in our decisions, but know your continued input is critically important and always welcomed. My background: I am retired from the US Air Force and now work as a Federal Civil Servant at the Department of Energy. I attained a BS in Environmental Science, a MS in Health Physics and hold a professional certification through the American Academy of Health Physics. My wife, Kelly, and I moved here in 2010 when I retired from the military and we have 2 young children who now call Chesapeake Beach home. I am active in youth sports, coaching youth baseball and soccer, and support growing current and new opportunities for our youth and seniors in the years to come. I have successfully served on the Town Board of Appeals and as the first President of the Chesapeake Village HOA. When I was elected to the HOA in 2013, I pledged to work with everyone equally and fairly. I continue to make that pledge to the citizens and businesses of Chesapeake Beach as your Councilman. I encourage everyone to become engaged in the Town and the opportunities it offers. Please feel free to contact me at any time and thank you for your continued support.