Water and Sewer

Town of Chesapeake Beach Water and Sewer Manual.

The Town of Chesapeake Beach conducts quarterly water and sewer billing. If an owner rents their property, the owner remains responsible for their utility bill. The Town will not make a determination for a landlord on tenant water and sewer use for the sole purpose of billing their tenant. Determining the tenant's amount owed and collecting this amount is the responsibility of the landlord.

Discolored Water

If you are experiencing discolored water, it is best to not use any water at all for a while. If you can wait 15 to 30 minutes before turning your water back on that should help. When someone opens a fire hydrant, or a pipe breaks this can stir up the water system causing discolored water. These events are usually temporary so it is best to wait for the system to settle down before running any water. If your problem persists please call Town Hall.

Water Problem

If you suspect that you have a leak that is on your property, call a plumber. If you suspect that it is on the Town’s side, please call the Town Hall to report it and someone from Public Works.

Low Water Pressure

If you experience a sudden drop in water pressure at  only one faucet please check a hose bib or tub faucet for the same drop in pressure. If there is low pressure in some areas of your home but normal pressure in others, this is more likely a clogged faucet screen or some other internal problem inside the home. If there is  loss of pressure throughout the home, for none of these reasons, please call Town Hall.

Sewer Problem

If you are having a back up in your home at only one toilet, sink or tub this is typically your problem and not a Town issue. If your entire house is experiencing a back up there are a couple things you can check. Are your neighbors having the same problem? If so call Town Hall immediately. If not try to locate your sewer clean out and remove the cap. If the stand pipe is full of water, call Town Hall. If the pipe is empty most of the time the backup is on the Homeowner side. If you see sewer water leaking from anywhere please call Town hall immediately.