Chesapeake Beach Water Park

A municipally owned Water Park at the Heart of the Town of Chesapeake Beach

Chesapeake Beach Water Park

The Town of Chesapeake Beach owns and operates the Chesapeake Beach Water Park - the only municipally owned Water Park in the State of Maryland that has operated for 29 years within its location at the center of Town. The Water Park is located at 4079 Gordon Stinnett Ave., Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732. The Park is currently closed and is not expected to open for the 2024 season. While this decision was difficult to make, it is necessary in order to provide a safe recreational amenity that benefits Town citizens. Plans are underway for capital improvements to refresh the longstanding recreational amenity at the heart of the Town of Chesapeake Beach. 

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Looking Forward: 


Due to the aging infrastructure of the park that has exceeded its useful life and the dynamic site conditions, the Town Council of the Town of Chesapeake Beach is currently conducting a feasibility study to accomplish two main goals. First, to determine the associated costs for improved pool elements based on the conditions of the site. Second, to complete further site investigation to include surveying and geo-technical studies to provide the information necessary for firm to complete the improvements as approved and funded by the Town Council.

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We Heard Your Feedback!:


Community Opinion Survey

Community Opinion Survey: The Town initiated a community opinion survey at the close of the 2023 season as a method to engage the public and collect citizen opinion within categories of interest as improvements to the park are considered by Town Council. A total of 1,870 participants responded to the survey. The input is summarized to understand community opinion as a tool for the elected body of Town Council to make decisions related to the upcoming improvements required at the Chesapeake Beach Water Park. The focus of the survey is to gain insight into the self reported desires of Town residents, Town businesses, County residents and guests of the Town to understand what is valued as improvements are considered and to ensure Town taxpayer funds are allocated responsibly and transparently. To view the full community opinion survey report click here