Mosquito Control Program

mosquito image

Mosquito Control Notice: The Town of Chesapeake Beach participates in the Calvert County Mosquito Spraying program.  In order to be EXEMPT from the Mosquito Control services OR allow spraying on private property,  you MUST fill out the "Request for Exemption" form or "Permission to Enter Private Property" form and return to Town Hall to be put on their list. THE DEADLINE FOR FORMS IS APRIL 10, 2020. To view and print the form please click here.

Seasonal mosquito control spraying typically takes places from May through October, as needed. To prevent mosquitoes from breeding, be sure to empty all containers and dump any standing water in your yard. Particularly the black corrugated drainage pipe,  they love it! If you hear the spray truck coming, please go inside for a few minutes. The more residents that are off the streets, the more the spray trucks can spray.

For more information regarding the program please click here.